Athens Wonders

Athens Wonders

Athens Wonders offers self-guided & guided tours of Athens on vintage scooters, giving visitors a unique chance to explore the city. Athens Wonders provides a fun and convenient way to see one of the world's oldest cities on an automatic (gear free) scooter.
Go independent with a pre-programmed GPS-guided tour--painstakingly planned out by a local-- or join a tour guided by an   insider Athenian.

Ώρες λειτουργίας
ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΤΡΙΤΗ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΤΕΤΑΡΤΗ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΠΕΜΠΤΗ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΠΑΡΑΣΚΕΥΗ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΣΑΒΒΑΤΟ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 18:00
ΚΥΡΙΑΚΗ 09:00 ΕΩΣ 15:30
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Athens Hippest Corners, 4 hours, (self guided)

Spend your time wisely and become an Athenian! Well, if we think better about it, you will feel city’s vibes better than the common Athenians do! These are not big words; We live in the city & we know that there is no better way to discover it than driving your scooter. 10 (yes that’s right: ten) vibrant regions are waiting for you to discover!

Athens Landmarks on a vintage scooter, 4 hrs, (self guided)

The first thing that comes to our mind when thinking about a city tour is a panoramic tour on board a bus, following a pre-scheduled organized tour with limited time spent at major landmarks for pictures. Have you ever been crammed into a bus trying to catch a picture while moving? Or perhaps trying to get some original pictures rather than the same old tourist photos captured by everyone! Ride your scooter with freedom & HIT the ROAD! Visit a number of carefully hand-picked city hot spots & feel the city’s pulse (definitely not just a museum!)
Be the one to choose on how and where to spend your time, change the order that you visit the proposed places, skip those that you don’t like!

Your time, Your choice!

Athens Riviera tour, 4 hours, (self guided)

Get your scooter & in just 15 minutes drives from your city center hotel, discover the Athenian Riviera! And remember this: there will be a time coming soon that travelers who are interesting in visiting our country, will include the Athenian Riviera to their favorite holidays! There will be a time when the Athenian Riviera will stand equally next to the Greek islands for vacations!

Discover the "California" of Athens (this is what city's Riviera is for its citizens)! Ride your scooter & explore the several options of entertainment & activities, such us walking by the sea, water sports, swimming, shopping and many more!

Imagine that you start your day by driving your scooter down to Acropolis hill with your swimwear in your backpack, and after 30 minutes  finding yourself enjoy a fresh watermelon slice relaxing on a sun bed; and once you are hungry, find (or better let us suggest you) a fish tavern on (not by) the seaside & enjoy a glass of ouzo while staring the sunset.

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Athens Wonders // City Tours // Discover Athens on a vintage vespa style scooter
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