Bakeries and confectionaries

Bakeries and confectionaries, devoted to traditional flavors or influenced by modern tendencies, can be found in every corner of the city and provide countless tasteful temptations that will thrill you.

Afoi Asimakopouloi
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
The patisserie Afoi Asimakopouloi offers a wide variety of pastries, cakes, handmade chocolates, custard filled pastry, homemade ice cream and a variety of other sweet choices, for an unprecedented sweet treat.
Aiakion Aithrion
Patisseries | Price From 15 €
With a view to the central port of Aegina, Aiakion Aithrion offers cool cocktails and sweets that will impress you, while at the same time it ensures the best service.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Loukoumades-Aigaion specialty is traditional donuts. It is a traditional healthy food product, originating from a traditional Greek recipe, baked and cooked on site, in the presence of the customer, by qualified staff.
Amandine-Bagels et Gourmandises
Patisseries | Price From 8 €
Amandine, offering handmade gourmet bagels, fresh salads and delicious desserts, is located just a couple of steps away from Syntagma Square.
Bubble Tale
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Bubble Tale, offers various drinks drizzled with the syrup of your choice and filled with bubbles.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
At the Cake chain store you have the opportunity to enjoy your favorite cake as a romantic area with tasty choices.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
One of the most famous bakeries in Athens, Deliolanis stands out due to its Politika desserts as well as to its famous ice cream.
Emi's Cupcakes
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Emi’s Cupcakes, with recipes from her Canadian grandmother, is one of the most delicious secrets of Kolonaki.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
The famous patisserie Hara is the steady value of all Athenians for ice cream.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
The patisserie Hatzis, came from Thessaloniki, is located in the heart of Athens.
I Love Cupcakes
Patisseries | Price From 4 €
Delicious cupcakes, biscuits, cookies, brownies, and other delicacies in excellent flavors and well-chosen raw materials you can taste at the patisseries I Love Cupcakes.
Ioanna’s by Tsolomiti
Patisseries | Price From 2 €
The bakery-patisserie Ioanna's by Tsolomiti, on Vouliagmenis Avenue, stands out for its quality and its excellent flavors.