Strefi Hill

Strefi Hill Strefi Hill Strefi Hill Strefi Hill
Summer in Exarcheia is relieved at the small hill of Strefi, which was a quarry until 1920 that provided the area with construction material for the beautiful neoclassical buildings. They started planting trees in 1926 and the family of Strefi, who owned it, donated it to the Municipality of Athens in 1963. Since then they gradually shaped the paved paths that lead to the small open stone theatre, the fields and the playground. With an afternoon café at the canteen you can also listen to the hoopoes that live on the hill.
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The hill was a rock that goddess Athena carried in her hands and she dropped in Athens when she heard the bad news that a crow told her.
Eleftherias Park
Eleftherias Park stands right next to the Athens Megaron Concert Hall and was designed in the 1960s by the architect Panagiotis Vokotoloulos and the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, which is located at the centre of a monumental composition, is the work of Giannis Pappas.
Pedion toy Areos
The largest garden of Athens, with an area of approximately 230,000 m2, was designed in 1934 in order to honor the heroes of the Revolution of 1821 that’s why it is decorated with their busts along the central road of the park.