In 1834 the first theatre of the new Greek state opened in Athens. It was a wooden shack at Aiolou street and in the following year it was reconstructed into a wooden theatre with a capacity of 1,000 people. Since then the new Greek theatre has moved a long way and can now boast for the quality and number of theatre venues. Apart from the state scenes of the National Theatre there are also large private and small ones, like private theatres and studios.
National Opera
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The Greek National Opera was founded in 1939 organizing performances at Ziller building at Agiou Konstantinou street.
National Theatre
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The first state theatre of the country was constructed after a donation by Efstratios Rallis and was inaugurated in 1901 as the Royal Theatre.
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The theatre 104 supports the ways that art can dynamically change our lives.
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Acadimos theatre in a warm and hospitable environment entertains you with performances that are characterized by quality offering you intense moments of fun and recreation.
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Acropol theatre started to operate in 1934. Since then it has continued to entertain you with remarkable performances of the highest quality.
Akademia Platonos
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Akademia Platonos theatre, at the area of Votanikos, entertains children and adults with quality performances in a friendly environment.
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The theatre Alcmene at Petralona was founded in order to produce and host performances by the modern Greek and foreign repertoire and to organize acting, music and dance seminars.
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The theatre took its name from the great theatre and cinema actress Aliki Vougiouklaki and is located on Amerikis street.
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The theatre Alma through its performances urges you to dream while it aims at being a source of inspiration and entertainment.
Altera Pars
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The “Altera Pars” Art Area hosts numerous productions and this established it in the minds of spectators and critics.
Angelon Vima
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This is a modern multifunctional area of arts and new ideas.
Apo Michanis Theatro
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The theatre group Apo Michanis Theatro operates as a non-profit organization and presents a wide repertoire of foreign and Greek plays.