National Garden and Olympieion

One of the most favorite walks of the residents and the visitors of the city starts from Syntagma square and ends, through the National Garden, to the impressive temple of Olympian Zeus. The National Garden, the largest oasis of the centre of Athens, was shaped in 1839 being the garden if the palace of the first kings of Greece. Nowadays, is has more than five hundred species of plants, a botanical museum, a traditional café and a scattered antiquities. Head towards the archaeological site of Olympieion and admire the temple of Olympian Zeus one of the largest temples of the ancient world.
Hellenic Parliament (Old Royal Palace)
Historical Buildings /Architecture
The history of the building of the Greek Parliament is related to the history of the modern Greek state.
National Garden
Parks and Nature
The National Garden, the largest green oasis at the centre of Athens, is suitable for cool walks among the avenues that are filled with people.
Streets and Arcades
Ermou street, which starts from Syntagma square, is the heart of commercial activity and rightfully has the name of god Hermes, the protector of trade.
Monument of the Unknown Soldier – Change of Guard
Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Exactly opposite the building of the Hellenic Parliament, at Amalias Avenue, is the Monument of the Unknown Soldier.
Monument of the Unknown Soldier, Emmanuel Lazaridis (Syntagma Square)
Art in public areas
The sculpture depicts a nude male figure of a dead warrior lying on the ground.
Attica The Department Store
At the large commercial centres of the city
The largest and most informed in fashion department store in Greece is just a few steps from Syntagma square.
City-Link (Attica)
At the large commercial centres of the city
An impressive department store with endless choices of fashion, products and a special sensation of luxury.
Syntagma Square
Squares and Neighborhoods
Syntagma square, with the building of the Hellenic Parliament, is the centre of the city.
Hadrian’s Gate
Archaeological Sites and Monuments
Next to the archaeological site of the Olympeion, is the triumphal arch that was built by the Athenians in 131-132 AD to honor the Roman emperor Hadrian for his numerous works in Athens.
Iliou Melathron
Historical Buildings /Architecture
One of the most beautiful neoclassical buildings in Athens is the three-storied house of Heinrich Schliemann, the German archaeologist who discovered ancient Troy and ancient Mycenae.
Spiros Milios Arcade
Streets and Arcades
Located at the ground floor of the Army Share Fund Building at the block created by Panepistimiou, Amerikis, Stadiou and Voukourestiou streets.
St Paul’s Anglican Church
Churches and Monasteries
St Paul’s neo-Gothic Anglican church at Filellinon street was constructed in about 1840 with a contribution by the British government in order to satisfy the needs of the British and American protestants.