Rizari Park

Rizari Park Rizari Park Rizari Park Rizari Park Rizari Park Rizari Park
A green area for relaxation that was added to the few oases of green in the city is the Rizari Park which opened for the Athenians in 2010. It was donated to the Greek state in 1844 by the benefactor and member of the Filiki Eteria Georgios Rizaris. During the works for the reshaping of the park, which lasted for many years, in the area of 15,000 m2 they planted “Mediterranean” trees and bushes, paths were shaped, sculptures were places and benches were added. In the future the park will be unified with the one of the Byzantine Museum and the area of the Lyceum of Aristotle.
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Eleftherias Park stands right next to the Athens Megaron Concert Hall and was designed in the 1960s by the architect Panagiotis Vokotoloulos and the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, which is located at the centre of a monumental composition, is the work of Giannis Pappas.
The hill was a rock that goddess Athena carried in her hands and she dropped in Athens when she heard the bad news that a crow told her.
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The green hill behind the Panathenaic Stadium whose foothills were crossed by the river Ilissus took its name from Ardettus, an ancient Athenian who resolved the differences between Athenians, and was the sacred site where the jurors took their oaths.