The Commercial Centre

The Commercial Triangle of Athens constitutes the heart of the city. With its top the squares of Syntagma, Omonoia and Monastiraki it is the centre of transactions and entertainment. It a mix of history, grandeur, but also demanding everyday life, entertainment and commercial activities. The past and the modern reality in front of you. Walking around the commercial triangle you will find small and large businesses, bars, restaurants and cafes, monuments and churches, narrow alleys, arcades and large streets, experiencing life in Athens, intense and colorful.
Agia Eirini Square
Squares and Neighborhoods
The square takes its name by the church of Agia Eirini, work of the architect Lysandros Kaftantzoglou which was erected in 1850 at the location of an older medieval church dedicated to same saint.
Old Parliament
Historical Buildings /Architecture
Just a few steps from Syntagma square we encounter the Mansion of the Old Parliament, the first permanent house of the Greek Parliament.
Churches and Monasteries
The Byzantine church of Isodia tis Theotokou, known as Kapnikarea, is located at Ermou street, the most commercial street of the capital.
Mama Roux
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Mama Roux is a restaurant with international cuisine and vegetarian dishes.
Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens
Churches and Monasteries
The cathedral church of the city is one of the first large monument of Athens as the capital of Greece.
Statue of Kolokotronis, Lazaros Sochos, Old Parliament
Art in public areas
One of the most important works of modern Greek sculpture, both regarding its aesthetics and its history.
Archaeological Site of Kotzia Square
Archaeological Sites and Monuments
It is worth visiting the small archaeological site in Kotzias square, opposite the City Hall of Athens.
Streets and Arcades
A street with an enchanting and peculiar character. The beautiful scents of the spices and the impressive buildings are accompanied by images of decline.
Museum of the Art Collection of the National Bank
Museums and Galleries
The art collection of the National Bank has more than 1,300 original works of painting, sculpture and engraving.
Praxitelis Arcade
Streets and Arcades
Praxitelis Arcade is located at 25 Kolokotroni street. It was constructed in the 1920s.
The Commercial Centre
Squares and Neighborhoods
The Commercial Triangle of Athens constitutes the heart of the city.
Wine O'clock

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