Casino Mont Parnes

Casino Mont Parnes Casino Mont Parnes
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At mount Parnitha is the largest casino in Greece and one of the best in Europe. The destination for all those who love to gamble, it provides entertainment and fun in luxurious areas. The experience starts the moment we get on the cable car and continues in modern facilities of excellent specifications and excellent to the last detail.
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The first contact of the Athenians with cinema was in 1900 in the beginning with improvised screenings and then with organized ones in squares.
In 1834 the first theatre of the new Greek state opened in Athens. It was a wooden shack at Aiolou street and in the following year it was reconstructed into a wooden theatre with a capacity of 1,000 people.
Summer theatres and cinemas
The long, hot summers of Athens are connected to the summer cinemas and the open theatres.