Athens Hippest Corners, 4 hours, (self guided)

Athens Hippest Corners, 4 hours, (self guided)
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Spend your time wisely and become an Athenian! Well, if we think better about it, you will feel city’s vibes better than the common Athenians do! These are not big words; We live in the city & we know that there is no better way to discover it than driving your scooter. 10 (yes that’s right: ten) vibrant regions are waiting for you to discover!

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Best of Athens in one day
See the best of Athens in a day that includes everything that you need to see in the city. Explore 2.500 years of history, stroll through the most beautiful neighbourhoods & immerse yourself into the fascinating Greek culture in a fun and instructive way. Discover the secrets of the Acropolis & explore the Museum of Acropolis with a knowledgeable and fun licensed guide, without waiting in the lines.