Music Bars & Clubs | Price From 4 €
At Astron bar is located in the area of Psirri. Here you can enjoy electronic music while having a drink in a cozy room with dance atmosphere.
B' Pathologiki
Music Bars & Clubs | Price From 8 €
The B Pathologiki is one of the most famous nightclubs of Athens.
Soul / Jazz / Funk | Price From 4 €
At the bar Bambouras in Petralona, you can enjoy the drink of your choice, a wide variety of beer and excellent music choices while sitting on its big wooden tables.
Baraki tis Didotou
Bars | Price From 10 €
Baraki of Didotou daily hosts either live performances with a wide repertoire from rock and jazz to folk and artistic, or theater groups.
Soul / Jazz / Funk | Price From 5 €
In the all-day bar Barreldier you can enjoy your coffee or breakfast.
Soul / Jazz / Funk | Price From 4 €
A nice and friendly place with emphasis on quality music, Barrelhouse travels you to the decades of jazz and blues with a lot of recrods.
Post Modern | Price From 5 €
In the elegant setting of Bartesera you can enjoy your coffee and some delicious cold dishes.
Beatniks Road Bar
Rock | Price From 4 €
Beatniks Road Bar is housed in a warm and atmospheric area, offering you drinks with blues and rock & roll music.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Near Kaningos Square you will find the corner bar Blackbird which will excite you with rock music.
Ble Papagalos
Soul / Jazz / Funk | Price From 4 €
The warm atmosphere of Ble Papagalos will win you from the very first moment you visit the shop.
Post Modern | Price From 4 €
Boiler bar is located at the area of Monastiraki in am area with industrial decoration, serving drinks at affordable prices while entertaining you with alternative music selections.
Boo Café Bar
Mainstream | Price From 4 €
Boo Café Bar in Psirri serves the beverage of your choice and several snacks.