National Library – Alexander Soutzos Museum
Museums and Galleries
The most important and largest art gallery in Greece was founded in 1900 and is located at the centre of Athens, opposite the Hilton hotel and just a few meters from the Evangelismos Metro station.
Benaki Museum
Museums and Galleries
The Benaki Museum was founded in 1931 by Antonios Benakis, descendant of an important Greek family, and is the oldest privately owned museum in Greece, with exhibits that cover more than one cultural field.
Academy of Athens
Historical Buildings /Architecture
The mansion of the Academy of Athens was constructed in an area donated by Petrakis Monastery with the expenses of the expatriate businessman from Vienna Simon Sinas.
Squares and Neighborhoods
The Aegean in the heart of Athens. At the point where the oracle of Delphi has forbidden habitation and Ethiopian slaves had found refuge during the Turkish occupation, workers and craftsmen from Anafi, who came to Athens to work, built their Cycladic neighborhood after the Liberation.
Goulandris Natural History Museum – Gaia Centre
Museums and Galleries
The Goulandris Natural History Museum was founded in 1965 by Angelos and Niki Goulandris in order to promote the interest for natural sciences and it is housed at a beautiful building at the area of Kifissia.
Grand Beach Lagonissi
Sea and Beaches
Between Athens and Sounio, at the unique landscape of the peninsula of Lagonissi is the Grand Beach of Lagonissi of the hotel Grand Resort.
Megaron Athens Concert Hall
Cultural Centres and Events Areas
The Megaron Athens Concert Hall, one of the best cultural centres of Europe, changed the map of cultural life in Athens in 1991.
Monastery of Kaisariani
Churches and Monasteries
Hidden inside the green forest of Hymettus, at the area with the same name, is the Monastery of Kaisariani.
National Historical Museum
Museums and Galleries
The National Historical Museum is housed at the Building of the Old Parliament, at Stadiou street, near Syntagma square.
Parks and Nature
Parnitha with the dozen mountain tops, gorges and plateaus is the highest mountain of Attica and important from antiquity with references to historical settlements.
Byzantine and Christian Museum
Museums and Galleries
The Byzantine and Christian Museum of Athens was founded in 1914 and is housed at Villa Ilissia, at Vasilissis Sofias Avenue.
Museum of Cycladic Art
Museums and Galleries
The Museum of Cycladic Art is located in Kolonaki and hosts the largest collection of exhibits of ancient cultures in the Aegean and Cyprus, putting great emphasis on the Cycladic art of the third millennium BC.