Cabaret Voltaire
Theatre Performances
At Cabaret Voltaire, at Metaxourgeio, at an area which was the atelier of Giannis Michas, artists have the opportunity to express themselves.
Bars | Price From 5 €
Cabezon is among the most popular tavern - bars, with traditional Greek dishes and a lot of variety.
Post Modern | Price From 4 €
The bar Cabrio features an industrial style with simple decor and musical choices based mainly on house music.
Café Concerto
Modern Musuc Clubs | Price From 2 €
Café Concerto is a pleasure and calm place in the gallery of the central Athens National Conservatory, where the coffee smell, the great selection of teas and snacks as well as the cold beer will help you to escape from everyday life.
Conference halls of “Athinais” Cultural Centre
Large conference centres in the city
ATHINAIS is the most attractive and reliable choice for organizing every kind of events.
El Convento Del Arte
Modern Musuc Clubs | Price From 20 €
The menu of El Convento Del Arte guarantees the best possible quality and prices.
El Convento Del Arte
Theatre Performances
At the El Convento Del Arte they organize special, original performances in which the spectator can participate and influence the outcome of the play.
Theatre.children's performances
The theatre Eliart has the ambition to host young but also well-known acclaimed artists of the theatre, music, writers and directors.
Post Modern | Price From 2 €
Haouz in Metaxourgeio in a nice and very friendly environment with a wonderful view yard, which offers you excellent cocktails accompanied by alternative music choices.
Kerameikos Pedestrian Zone
Streets and Arcades
Part of the project Unification of Athens Archaeological Sites for the promotion of the monuments of the city, the pedestrian zone was inaugurated just before the Olympic Games of 2004.
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 5 €
Klostirion is a cafe-cocktail bar located in Metaxourgeio. Open from the morning, it serves aromatic coffee, and as time passes and the area becomes more atmospheric it also offers a number of cocktails.
Traditional Greek Cuisine | Price From 18 €
Koutalakia offers Greek flavors from all over Greece with strong influences from Istanbul and Mediterranean cuisine.