Beer Houses | Price From 5 €
Bierhof is a very thoughtfully decorated and designed pub in Exarcheia.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Near Kaningos Square you will find the corner bar Blackbird which will excite you with rock music.
Blue Fox
Rock | Price From 4 €
Blue Fox in Exarcheia offers to you entertainment with dancing and drinking.
Bullet café club
Rock | Price From 4 €
Bullet café Club opens at the morning serving coffee, while you can visit it in the evening to enjoy a drink with live music, events, DJ sets and Karaoke nights.
Buy or Die the Bar
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 4 €
Buy or Die the Bar is open from the morning with coffee, while in the evening you can enjoy your drink with rock music.
Cava Halari
Liquor Stores
Cava Halari has a huge variety of wine labels both from Greece and abroad.
Cooking lessons from The Food Project
The Food Project provides you with the opportunity to learn everything about Cretan and Greek, traditional cuisine participating in the cooking lessons it organizes.
The hairdresser’s Daniel's at Exarcheia is famous mostly for the extreme haircuts and hairdos.
Diplo Café
Mainstream | Price From 4 €
Diplo Cafe is a cafe bar in the area of Exarcheia particularly popular to young people.
Ineternational Festivals and Cultural Events
The very important artistic exhibition which is organized in Kassel, Germany, every five years, will be hosted in 2017, for the first time in its history, jointly with another city, with great promotion and dozens opportunities of development and artistic creation in the capital of Greece.
At the bookstore Enastron you will find a great variety of books of educational character, university books, literary, essays, biographies and albums.
Ex Archis
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 15 €
Ex Archis is a cafe in the area of Exarcheia. Open for coffee and food, and is an ideal choice for a break any time of the day.