All Day Café Bar

The city’s cafes have been adapted to the pace of the city, providing their services from morning to night. Start your day with the traditional Greek coffee or with the famous cold frappe and spent you lunch break here. As the day passes the rhythm steps up and it transforms into a real bar.
Balux Seaside
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 5 €
Balux Seaside Escape is an ideal choice for relaxing and having great time by the pool whilst exploring the new Polynesian menu and sipping exotic cocktails all day.
Balux The House Project
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 35 €
Balux Cafe the House Project, designed to resemble a spacious beach house where you can enjoy the beach, eat amazing food at the kitchen area, have a meeting at the study room or let the kids enjoy the playground.
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 2 €
The all-day Baron in Glyfada blends modern with traditional Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 4 €
Mosaiko is a cocktail espresso bar in Glyfada with special style, excellent music and a small beautiful yard.
All Day Café-Bar | Price From 35 €
The cafe-bar-restaurant Opus in Glyfada is the ideal choice for all the hours of the day.