Bakeries and confectionaries

Bakeries and confectionaries, devoted to traditional flavors or influenced by modern tendencies, can be found in every corner of the city and provide countless tasteful temptations that will thrill you.

Amandine-Bagels et Gourmandises
Patisseries | Price From 8 €
Amandine, offering handmade gourmet bagels, fresh salads and delicious desserts, is located just a couple of steps away from Syntagma Square.
Bubble Tale
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Bubble Tale, offers various drinks drizzled with the syrup of your choice and filled with bubbles.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
One of the most famous bakeries in Athens, Deliolanis stands out due to its Politika desserts as well as to its famous ice cream.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
The patisserie Hatzis, came from Thessaloniki, is located in the heart of Athens.
Le Greche
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
At Le Greche, a gelateria in the heart of Athens, ice cream is combined with Italian expertise and the authentic, Greek raw materials offering the best gelato in the city.
Patisseries | Price From 4 €
Keeping the traditional recipe for donuts unchanged, in Lukumades you can find a wide variety of coffees and other fine beverages to accompany one of the homemade desserts.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Serbetia is a tasteful shop with fresh, traditional, handmade pastries, served in hearty portions.
Takis Bakery
Patisseries | Price From 4 €
Takis bakery, close to the Acropolis, tempts with fresh baked bread.
The Ice Cream Shop
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Ice Cream Shop, on the Square in Monastiraki has authentic Italian ice cream.
Patisseries | Price From 5 €
Yogolicious offers the most fresh and delicious light snacks, with an emphasis on quality.
Chill Box
Greek Frozen Yogurt
We named our place "Serbetia", our yard smells sugar, cinnamon and syrup and still continues to serve, after 20 years traditional baklava, baklava with chocolate,