Music Bars & Clubs

Athens has intense night life with clubs, especially in the summer, when the entertainment of this type moves to the southern suburbs. There are choices literally for all preferences. If you are in a more relaxed mood you can visit one of the many music bars with live music, from jazz and rock to Greek and classical music.
45° Mires
Rock | Price From 4 €
45 Degrees is a timeless rock bar in Athens. Its trademarks are the endless rock music, wood and stone scenery and the framed portraits of legends, like Hendrix and Kiss.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Amerikaniko is a timeless bar at the area of Piraeus, with a decoration that justified its name, pleasant environment and special love to rock music.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Barock club, found in Pagrati, entertains you with rock music in a pleasant place with friendly atmosphere.
Beatniks Road Bar
Rock | Price From 4 €
Beatniks Road Bar is housed in a warm and atmospheric area, offering you drinks with blues and rock & roll music.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Near Kaningos Square you will find the corner bar Blackbird which will excite you with rock music.
Blue Fox
Rock | Price From 4 €
Blue Fox in Exarcheia offers to you entertainment with dancing and drinking.
Rock | Price From 2 €
Bronco Bar is a place with special character. The DJ plays rock, pop and classic rhythms, while the bar excites the senses with a great variety of beers and cocktails.
Bullet café club
Rock | Price From 4 €
Bullet café Club opens at the morning serving coffee, while you can visit it in the evening to enjoy a drink with live music, events, DJ sets and Karaoke nights.
Crow Club
Rock | Price From 4 €
Crow club in Ambelokipi features a wide variety of music: from alternative, grunge, stoner, metal, punk rock, goth, garage, classic rock, to Greek and new wave.
Death Disco
Rock | Price From 4 €
Death Disco is the new wave club in the city. The best music and some of the most interesting concerts of the alternative scene are housed here.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Excalibur offers great evenings of entertainment with a daily program by the DJs, surprise events like live music and great parties with rock music, all in a friendly place with medieval atmosphere.
Rock | Price From 4 €
Homesick is a place with old and special decoration. It consists of two rooms, one with the bar, while at the other (with the low sofas) you can enjoy your drink.