Music Bars & Clubs

Athens has intense night life with clubs, especially in the summer, when the entertainment of this type moves to the southern suburbs. There are choices literally for all preferences. If you are in a more relaxed mood you can visit one of the many music bars with live music, from jazz and rock to Greek and classical music.
Greek Live Music | Price From 25 €
At the music tavern Astrofeggia you can have fun with your friends every Friday and Saturday evening, enjoying your drink with live Greek music.
Au Revoir
Bars | Price From 5 €
Au Revoir is one of the oldest bars in the area of Athens, in which you can enjoy a wide variety of whiskeys.
Mainstream | Price From 2 €
Jojo is an all-day cafe bar in a highly sophisticated space that exudes elegance with stylish decorative touches.
Mainstream | Price From 4 €
Kibubu is an all-time-classic bar with a highly informed bar.
Greek Live Music | Price From 5 €
Pontiki is located in the area of Kypseli. It is housed in a beautiful neoclassical building.
Rock | Price From 2 €
Tithora Café opens from the morning until late at night at a nice area with a garden.
X Battery
Mega Clubs | Price From 4 €
X Battery club organizes events, festivals, exhibitions and more where you can come and have fun while enjoying a drink.