Wine Bars

In the last years the love of good wine in a well-cared environment has taken over Athens, shaping a new wine culture. As a result a lot of wine bars have opened downtown with excellent lists of wines. The labels include most of the time mainly Greek vineyards, but they include proposals from the international wine scene. The wine is accompanied by small dishes and finger food.
Big Spoon
Wine Bars | Price From 2 €
You can visit the all day cafe-bar Big Spoon in the morning for a coffee, at noon for a cold beer with delicious snacks and homemade sweets, while in the night you can enjoy your drink or your cocktail.
Wine Bars | Price From 7 €
BoBo is a wine bar with modern environment and friendly atmosphere.
By the Glass
Wine Bars | Price From 12 €
In the elegant wine bar By the Glass you can enjoy your coffee or your breakfast, enjoy a meal or Mediterranean dishes with the wine of your choice.
Classic Nouveau
Wine Bars | Price From 5 €
The wine bar Classic Nouveau is a special area that is housed at a warm and hospitable environment which opens its doors early on for coffee and then for wine with various dishes, like salads, tarts and bruschettas.
Fabrica de Vino
Wine Bars | Price From 7 €
The wine bar Fabrica de Vino in Athens has a total of 608 wine labels, of which 154 are available by the glass.
Wine Bars | Price From 4 €
At the wine bar Grapes you have the opportunity to taste the best wine labels, carefully selected, from Greek and foreign vineyards, Greek distillations and beers and to taste special plates of cheeses and cooked meat products.
Wine Bars | Price From 7 €
The small and cozy Harvest specializes in wine and coffee and features an informed list of selected tags and exclusive coffees.
Wine Bars | Price From 5 €
Heteroclito Cave Bar a Vin is a Wine bar in the city center, especially loving the Greek wine and honoring the highest quality Greek labels.
Kiki de Grece
Wine Bars | Price From 7 €
Kiki de Grece is a wine bistro in the center of Athens. Offering domestic wine labels and elite finger food and snacks from all over Greece.
Wine Bars | Price From 7 €
The wine bar-restaurant Monk features a wine cellar with rare wines from around the world.
Mono Restaurant
Wine Bars | Price From 25 €
Mono Restaurant is a Wine restaurant in Plaka. The Mediterranean-inspired menu contains both classic and modern proposals.
Mossets & Vino
Wine Bars | Price From 20 €
The Spanish restaurant Mossets & Vino offers delicious dishes from the Spain and Basque cuisine, with a good wine for after office and not only, relaxing and highly pleasurable moments.