The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels Trip2Athens app | Free Download

The Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, making the most of modern technologies, created in January 2016, a new application for mobile devices called "Trip2Athens".


This new application is yet another innovative initiative of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels in the tourist information sector, which enables visitors and locals to receive immediate and complete information for the broader area of Athens, directly from the mobile device, about area’s hotels and a wide range of topics of tourist interest, promoting at the same time the environmental, historical and cultural heritage of Athens.


This application provides useful information to the visitor regarding hotel facilities, touristic attractions, restaurants - café - bars and places to have fun, various events taking place in the city during the trip and so on.  


Except for that, visitor is able to organize her trip by using the portal and “carry” it on hers mobile device all the time.


The application runs in seven languages - Greek, English, German, French, Chinese, Russian and Spanish - with the potential to support more languages in the future, providing the following discrete functionality:

Hotels and Other Points of Interest: User can explore the data by using four main categories of points, Hotels, See & Do, Food & Fun and Events and filter the projected points by category of their content
Map View: User has the option to present all the information on an interactive map (either being online or offline) in conjunction with hers current location and filter the projected points by category of their content.
Favorite points: The users have the option to select "Favorite" points they are interested in and create their own "personal" notebook.
My Trip: Logged in user can view hers trip details with information such as daily trip plan, personal routes, coupons and so on.
Offline Access: The application is fully functional without requiring internet connection (3G or WI-FI) and every time the user is online can synchronize app with portal’s content.


In order to download the Trip2Athens application, for free: