Police Station of Piraeus

Police Station of Piraeus Police Station of Klathmonos
+30 210 4174471
must be read
police must check if the papers from mytillini are fake or original esp the picture the new modus today is changing assylum papers they change the pictures in omonia i know everything i can give you evidences they made it from omonia and i know the people inside of this thank you
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Port Authority of Piraeus
The Port Authority of Piraeus ensures the order, is responsible for search and rescue in the sea, maintain and checking that everyone applies the rules of naval safety on the ships and port facilities.
Police Station of Klathmonos
The Police Station at Klathmonos square (Dragatsaniou 4) covers all the needs of the foreign tourists providing them information, immediate response and management of any problems, for example loss of documents, certificates and copies of documents.
Police Station of Omonia