Health & Insurance

The visitors that come from the state-members of the European Union ought to have solely the European Health Card or any other legitimate community document, which can be issued by the relevant insurance agency at the country of origin and according to which the hospital expenses or at least part of them are paid. The visitors from a country that is not a member of the European Union should consult their insurance agency before travelling.
Athens Medical Group
Private Clinics
Athens Medical Group founded in 1984 the Medical Centre of Athens wishing to provide to Greece a privately owned hospital with high quality health services based on the application of the most modern medical technology and research practices.
General, Maternity and Children’s Clinic Mitera
Private Clinics
MITERA with the General, Maternity and Children’s Unit aims at providing excellent health services with international acclaim, by scientific staff that keeps abreast of all the developments in the field.
Private Clinics
The surgery clinic GENESIS has operated since 2004 with state-of-the-art equipment and with the best scientists of the country.
Gynecologic Center for Reproduction and Genetics
Private Clinics
The Gynecologic Center for Reproduction and Genetics is one of the first of its kind in Greece.
HeDeCa (Hellenic Dental Care)
Private Clinics
HEDECA is a start-up company founded by a diversified group of dental experts with a goal to provide unique dental tourism services in the growing market of medical tourism in Greece.
Hygeia Hospital
Private Clinics
Hygeia is the first private hospital that operated in Greece since 1974 and one of the best hospitals in Europe.
IASO Children
Private Clinics
IASO Children’s Hospital is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and staffed with acclaimed scientists of all specialties, experiences nurses and scientific consulting groups.
IASO Group
Private Clinics
IASO Group started in 1996 with the Iaso Clinic and gradually added clinics and expanded its activities until it evolved into the present day enterprise with a leading place in the field of health.
IVF Genetics
Private Clinics
The Genetics and IVF Institute has a long successful course in the field of assisted reproduction and it is recognized for the high quality services it provides.
Private Clinics
The vitro fertilization unit NEOGENESIS has operated since 1998 aiming at continuously searching for new methods and techniques for the evolution of assisted reproduction and better dealing with the problem of infertility.