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The surgery clinic GENESIS has operated since 2004 with state-of-the-art equipment and with the best scientists of the country. GENESIS is recognized internationally since it organizes scientific collaborations and researches with clinics in Europe and Australia. It possesses a surgery, gynecology and plastic surgery departments and a unit for assisted reproduction all excellent equipped and staffed.
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IVF Genetics
The Genetics and IVF Institute has a long successful course in the field of assisted reproduction and it is recognized for the high quality services it provides.
Gynecologic Center for Reproduction and Genetics
The Gynecologic Center for Reproduction and Genetics is one of the first of its kind in Greece.
The vitro fertilization unit NEOGENESIS has operated since 1998 aiming at continuously searching for new methods and techniques for the evolution of assisted reproduction and better dealing with the problem of infertility.