Children’s Performances

Art Space Asomaton
Theatre.children's performances
Art Space Asomaton was founded in 2006 and is a multifunctional cultural and personal development area.
Theatre.children's performances
Avaton Theatre is an area of art and culture that has been created with a lot of passion, love and respect for theatre.
Theatre.children's performances
Chitirio Theatre was founded in order to create a cultural area friendly to young artists and all the arts.
Theatre.children's performances
The theatre Eliart has the ambition to host young but also well-known acclaimed artists of the theatre, music, writers and directors.
Ex Archis
Theatre.children's performances
The theatre Ex Archis was founded in 2004 and apart from the realization of theatre performances it operates as an acting and improvisation workshop, theatre history, singing and dancing.
Theatre.children's performances
A flexible model of experimentation, production and dissemination of art works and researches for Digital Culture.
Mikro Polytechneio
Theatre.children's performances
At Mikro Polytechneio, in Thisio, there are children’s theatre performance for our little friends, with rich costumes and sets.
National Theatre (Central Scene)
Theatre.children's performances
The National Theatre was inaugurated in 1901 as "Royal Theatre".
Theatre.children's performances
At Paramithohora they organize performances of shadow theatre for children, children’s party and puppet workshops.
Theatre.children's performances
The program of theatre Porta includes various forms of theatre, like children’s theatre, or for young people of all ages, dance-theatre, music-theatre, but also music that occupies a significant part of its new program.
Theatre.children's performances
The theatre Prova was founded in 1984 and since then it has presented very successful performances with character and very interesting.
Theatre.children's performances
The Skrow theater group aims at promoting the arts by a program with great variety, placing emphasis on young creators and young Greek writers, hosting performances, exhibitions, live events, creative workshops and seminars.