Beach of CRES (Legrena)

The most well-known… hidden beach of Attica is located 62 km south of the centre of Athens. Just before Legrena and heading towards Sounio, we see the sign "Ιδιοκτησία ΚΑΠΕ (Property of CRES)" and we turn. We follow the dirt road we face the green and blue waters which resemble an Aegean island. The beach is organized, that’s why make sure you have the necessary supplies for spending a day at the beach.
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The beach of Harakas is very popular, even though hidden outside Sounio avenue at the traditional settlement with the same name.
Εden Beach (Anavyssos)
The hotel’s beach has been awarded with a blue flag for the last 12 years.
One of the most famous beaches of Attica is situated on the road Athens-Sounio (approximately just after the 60th km) and is considered to be among the largest of the area (and for many the most beautiful).