Pedion toy Areos

Pedion toy Areos Pedion toy Areos Pedion toy Areos Pedion toy Areos Pedion toy Areos
The largest garden of Athens, with an area of approximately 230,000 m2, was designed in 1934 in order to honor the heroes of the Revolution of 1821 that’s why it is decorated with their busts along the central road of the park. The platanus trees neighborhood and the rose garden are some of the most beautiful spots of the park. At the park the birds of the city have found refuge, such as blackbirds and robins while recently cormorants also appeared. However, there are some crime related problems and the park has been transformed into a scene of human misery.
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Strefi Hill
Summer in Exarcheia is relieved at the small hill of Strefi, which was a quarry until 1920 that provided the area with construction material for the beautiful neoclassical buildings.
The hill was a rock that goddess Athena carried in her hands and she dropped in Athens when she heard the bad news that a crow told her.
National Garden
The National Garden, the largest green oasis at the centre of Athens, is suitable for cool walks among the avenues that are filled with people.