Hymettus Hymettus Hymettus
Hymettus was for ancient Athenians an important place of worship with many sanctuaries but also marble quarries. It is an important habitat with rich fauna and flora which has managed to survive in spite of the destructive fires and human activity. It is the favorite destination for the Athenians who wish to enjoy nature or to visit the beautiful caves, with the Koutouki cave the most well-known over Paiania. Here is also the historical monastery of Kaisariani.
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Koutouki Cave in Paiania
The natural beauty of the cave is unique. Koutouki, an important natural monument, captivates the visitor with the impressive stalagmites, stalactites and columns in various colors create halls, balconies and corridors that resemble eerie dreams.
Goudi Park
An ideal destination for recreation and sports, the green Goudi Park with an area of 49,000 m2 was once part of the military facilities of the Goudi camp.
Eleftherias Park
Eleftherias Park stands right next to the Athens Megaron Concert Hall and was designed in the 1960s by the architect Panagiotis Vokotoloulos and the statue of Eleftherios Venizelos, which is located at the centre of a monumental composition, is the work of Giannis Pappas.