Onassis Cultural Centre

Onassis Cultural Centre Onassis Cultural Centre Onassis Cultural Centre Onassis Cultural Centre Onassis Cultural Centre
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The Onassis Cultural Centre at Syngrou avenue is one of the most interesting and modern cultural areas of Greece. It is housed at a modern building and, though excellent exhibitions, the visitors come into contact with the modern culture, remarkable Greek and foreign creators, as well as educational seminars and programs for people of all ages, in order to have a constructive dialogue about Art. Its interior includes the amphitheatric central scene, the exhibition and lecture hall, the exhibition area, free outdoors areas, restaurants and café-bar. Impressive is also the hall Liquid Sky, the work of the great Greek artist Aemilia Papaphilippou, where art is incorporated into public space. It has easy access and especially buses, trolley and metro. It is situated at Syngrou avenue, next to the building of Ethniki Insurance and opposite Panteion University.
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