Summer theatres and cinemas

The long, hot summers of Athens are connected to the summer cinemas and the open theatres. A lot of people choose to watch a show at one of the dozens of open theatres of Attica, while the tickets for the performances of Herodeion are quickly sold. However, for most summer begins with the first film under the starry sky. Green gardens with jasmine and terraces with a view characterize the summer cinemas, part of the life in the city since 1903. Nowadays, there are nearly 90 summer cinemas, among them Thissio which has been awarded repeatedly as the best summer cinema in the world.
Aello Cinemax-Cyta
Summer Cinemas
The Cinemax Cinemas are a meeting point for the best films from all over the world.
Summer Cinemas
Cinema Avana entertains you throughout the year with excellent films both at its winter hall and at the summer cinema it operates during the summer.
Cine Aigli
Summer Cinemas
At a green garden with excellent acoustics and quality of service, combined with the excellent food delicacies, the historical Cine Aigli is the best combination of all those points that create the term summer cinema.
Cine Dexameni
Summer Cinemas
The summer cinema Dexameni is a favorite destination that stands out for its hospitable environment and the selections of films.
Cine Gerakas
Summer Cinemas
The cinema Cine Gerakas is available both in winter and summer since it consists of a winter and a summer cinema.
Cine Paradeisos
Summer Cinemas
Cine Paradeisos is one of the most modern municipal cinemas of Greece hosting at its facilities a contemporary winter hall for showing films, heater performances, events and seminars, as well as a renovated cool summer hall at the building’s loft with a bar.
Cine Psychiko Classique
Summer Cinemas
At Cine Psychiko Classique the magic of the summer cinema revives with an excellent choice of films, a light meal, a cool drink or cocktail at its comfortable chairs and the private tables.
Cine Ria
Summer Cinemas
From 1963 to the present days the summer cinema Ria is undoubtedly one of the meeting points in Varkiza.
Cine Thisio
Summer Cinemas
Cine Thisio is the oldest summer cinema of Athens, built in 1935.
Maria Elena-Onar Digital Cinema (Municipal Cinema)
Summer Cinemas
The municipal cinema Maria Elena-Onar Digital has two halls, from which one is a summer one and entertains you with excellent films.
Summer Cinemas
Cinema Pallas, in Pangrati, is the oldest cinema in Greece and continues to operate as a hall of art deco aesthetics as a summer and winter cinema.
Sporting Digital Cinema
Summer Cinemas
The cinema is fully equipped with state-of-the-art digital projectors for Digital Cinema and Dolby Digital Surround, DTS audio systems, as well as air condition and heating systems.