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Athens satisfies all the needs of a consumer. Apart from the markets in various districts, there are also 25 shopping centres scattered all over Attica, which provide endless choices for entertainment, food and relaxation.

Greek designers

Mix and match clothing brand

Greek designers
At Didw Boutique you will find organic handmade clothes, handmade bags and jewelry exclusive by Greek designers.
Georgina Skalidi-Ma Chambre
Greek designers
Georgina Skalidi "Ma Chambre" is the store where you can see the collections of the designer and obtain one of her handmade bags.
Ioanna Kourbela
Greek designers
The collections of men’s and women’s clothes by the designer Ioanna Kourbela are distinguished for their minimalistic aesthetics and the charm of classical harmony, while they are made of natural raw material.
Greek designers
The boutique MI-RO with the classical and romantic elements that come into contrast with the modern details is located in Kolonaki.
Paul Sarz Jewellery
Greek designers
Handmade jewel with the signature of the charismatic Paul Sarz, at Exarcheia.