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Athens satisfies all the needs of a consumer. Apart from the markets in various districts, there are also 25 shopping centres scattered all over Attica, which provide endless choices for entertainment, food and relaxation.

Antiques / works of art was established by Angeliki Antonopoulou in the area of Psyrri, in the historical center of Athens, in 2001.
Antiques / works of art
The main objective of the art hall “Agathi” was and still is the creation of an area with the capability of presenting acclaimed and new artists, and a small, but well organized, bookstore.
Alma Contemporary Art Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Alma exhibits both established Greek artists and new artists, experimental works and special exhibitions.
AlphaΔelta Gallery
Antiques / works of art
AD Gallery was established in 1986 in Athens, Greece. It exhibits avant-guard Greek and international art.
Argo Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Argo Gallery was founded in 1970. It is one of the oldest art galleries that operate in Athens.
Art 10 Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Art 10 is a modern art gallery at the area of the Acropolis, in Athens.
Art City Mihalarias
Antiques / works of art
The eclectic collection of the gallery Mihalarias Art, with works from acclaimed Greek and foreign artists, is also available at its shop.
Art zone 42
Antiques / works of art
Art zone 42 was founded in December 2007 and through its exhibitions we can discern the orientation to expressive variety, which feeds dialogue and blends artistic expression with the rhythm of life.
Astrolavos - Artlife
Antiques / works of art
The basic principle of the art gallery Astrolavos - Artlife is the presentation of new, first appearing artists with dynamic works, as well as old acclaimed artists with fresh works.
Athens Art Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Athens Art Gallery was founded in 1963 by Marilena Liakopoulou and hosts numerous quality and remarkable art exhibitions.
Antiques / works of art
Bernier/Eliades gallery was founded in 1977 in Athens and has since continued working dynamically in the field of contemporary art in Greece.
Can-Christina Androulidaki Gallery
Antiques / works of art
At the gallery Can-Christina Androulidaki you will find fresh ideas and exhibitions of modern art.