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Athens satisfies all the needs of a consumer. Apart from the markets in various districts, there are also 25 shopping centres scattered all over Attica, which provide endless choices for entertainment, food and relaxation.

Art Copies
Handmade copies
Eugenides Foundation Shop
Art Copies
Games for children and adults, which train the mind in an entertaining way.
Art Copies

Greek folk art and souvenir shop.

Museum of Cycladic Art Shop
Art Copies
At the museum shop of the Museum of Cycladic Art you will find beautiful replicas of ancient Greek jewels but also copies of the wonderful collection of Cycladic figurines, manufactured by the craftsmen of the museum following traditional techniques that have been used for 4,500 years.
Odysseas Greek Art Souvenirs
Art Copies
Odysseas Greek Art Souvenirs, at the area of Plaka, is a store with souvenirs and gift items, inspired by the ancient Greek art.
Shop of the Acropolis Museum
Art Copies
At the shop of the Acropolis Museum you will find certified replicas of exhibits from the workshops of the museum, jewels of traditional style but also modern stationary, toys for the children, decorative items for the house and useful items are wonderful souvenirs or impressive gifts.
Shop of the Herakleidon Museum
Art Copies
The extensive catalogue of the products of the Shop of Herakleidon Museum includes, among others, signed silk screens, posters, books, silver jewelry, clocks, puzzles, silk ties, women’s silk scarves, t-shirts, stationary, china, products for children, but also handmade silver souvenirs with the emblem of the Museum.
Shop of the National Museum of Contemporary Art
Art Copies
The shop of the National Museum of Contemporary Art moves to the pace of the exhibition that is hosted very time in the museum and presents items and relevant publications of of the museum and others.
Souvenirs from
Art Copies
Souvenirs from is a shop with gift items and souvenirs which is located at the area of Plaka.
The Shop - Museum of Greek Folk Art
Art Copies
The Shop - Museum of Greek Folk Art was founded by the Friends Association of MGFA in order to support the work of the Museum.