All the stores

Athens satisfies all the needs of a consumer. Apart from the markets in various districts, there are also 25 shopping centres scattered all over Attica, which provide endless choices for entertainment, food and relaxation.

Greek Design
At the shop Sofrona, in Agios Dimitrios, you will find excellent items, seasonal products, gift items as well as products for marriages and baptisms based on their high quality.
Vetimi Shop
At Vetimi Shop, in Nea Smirni, you will find beautiful and original items ideal for every occasion.
Jewels and Luxury Itens
At Claire's, in Agios Dimitrios, you will find beautiful jewels, various accessories for the hair, bags, hats and cosmetics that will impress you.
Carrefour Express
Grocery / Delicatessen
With emphasis on quality, low prices, the adoption of technologies that are friendly to the environment, but mainly with the consumer at the centre of its decisions, Marinopoulos SA- Carrefour Express will continue its dynamic course in the Greek market.
Viologikos Thisavros
Grocery / Delicatessen
The store Viologikos Thisavros offers biological products, food, cooked meat products, products without gluten and products for diabetics.
Avra Grocery
Local Products
Avra Grocery consists of select products of small producers from all over Greece.
Local Products
Kaloudia is a traditional grocery, in Nea Smirni, with a great range of Greek and biological products, fresh vegetables from local producers.
Stoa Athanaton Grocery
Local Products
Stoa Athanaton Grocery, in the heart of Athens, specializes in olives, salted preserves and pickles.
Life Cycles
Life Cycles is a concept bike store which combines passion and love for bicycle with the tailor made bikes, which cover the needs of any rider.
Adidas Outlet Store
At the Adidas Outlet Stores you will find select designs and pieces of athletic and casual clothes that stand out for their quality, their special style and their peculiarity to demonstrate the personality of each customer.
Intersport is the first chain store of athletic items in the world.
The company John-Andy is active in the field of fashion since 1959 and still evolves having created an area with famous brands, offering numerous choices based on the style, attitude, character and body type of the modern personality.