All the stores

Athens satisfies all the needs of a consumer. Apart from the markets in various districts, there are also 25 shopping centres scattered all over Attica, which provide endless choices for entertainment, food and relaxation.

Greek Design
At the Rezerva gifts stores you will find inspired and original gift items for all ages, cards and stuffed animals that will impress you.
Greek Design
Troc has operated since 1979 and is a point of reference for choices in retro pieces.
Sinu Artefactos
The Sinu Artefactos stores are modern items where they exhibit works of art, useful and decorative items, jewelry, accessories and items larger in size, for the interior or exterior decoration of your areas.
Antiques / works of art
The main objective of the art hall “Agathi” was and still is the creation of an area with the capability of presenting acclaimed and new artists, and a small, but well organized, bookstore.
Alma Contemporary Art Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Alma exhibits both established Greek artists and new artists, experimental works and special exhibitions.
Athens Art Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Athens Art Gallery was founded in 1963 by Marilena Liakopoulou and hosts numerous quality and remarkable art exhibitions.
Can-Christina Androulidaki Gallery
Antiques / works of art
At the gallery Can-Christina Androulidaki you will find fresh ideas and exhibitions of modern art.
Ersi Gallery
Antiques / works of art
The first form of the gallery was created with works from modern painters together with selling old items.
Evripidis Gallery
Antiques / works of art
The gallery Evripidis spreads at more than 600m2 and on three levels, which may host simultaneously with the exhibitions other art activities, developing a multidimensional dynamic in the area.
Gallery Genesis
Antiques / works of art
Gallery Genesis presents daily quality works of art by Greek and foreign artists, which will spark your interest.
Ikastikos Kiklos Gallery
Antiques / works of art
Ikastikos Kiklos Gallery for the last 30 years has tried to promote the work of Greek artists.
Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center
Antiques / works of art
The Ileana Tounta Contemporary Art Center (ITCAC), a privately owned commercial gallery, opened in 1988 and was the first multi-purpose space of its kind in Athens.